Designed for the specific needs of smaller enterprises, it provides a tailored solution without unnecessary complexities. While being cost-effective, it still offers essential data management tools, ensuring efficient file access and version control for streamlined collaboration. Recognizing the budget constraints of smaller businesses, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard offers a practical and cost-effective solution for their fundamental data management needs.


Tailored for larger enterprises, it addresses the intricacies and scale of their data management requirements. Beyond basic functionalities, it introduces advanced features such as automated workflows, electronic signatures, and replication, catering to the sophisticated needs of larger organizations. With heightened scalability, it efficiently handles complex design processes, ensuring seamless integration across larger teams and projects. Acknowledging the robust and sophisticated needs of larger businesses, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional provides a comprehensive solution for managing intricate data and processes effectively.


SOLIDWORKS Manage orchestrates design harmony, extending beyond CAD data control. With project planning finesse, it dances through timelines, linking tasks seamlessly. Dashboards conduct a symphony of insights, while automated processes compose efficiency. Transforming collaboration, SOLIDWORKS Manage is the conductor in the symphony of streamlined product development. SOLIDWORKS Manage stands as a comprehensive solution, combining project management, data control, collaboration, and automation to elevate the efficiency and success of product development endeavours.

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File Management
Design and Reuse
Revision Management
Secure File Vaulting
Revision Control
Audit Trail
eDrawings Preview
Integrated Search
Engineering Change Management
Bill of Materials Management
Regulatory Compliance
Enterprise Scalability
Distributed Collaboration
Advanced Search and Favorites
Multi-Document Preview
Automated Neutral File Creation
Serial Number Generators
Custom Configuration
Automated Data Import and Export
Distributed Design Teams
Remote Access
Automated Approval Process
Email Notifications
Project Management
Process Management
Item Management
User Tasks
Dashboards and Reports


SOLIDWORKS PDM’s powerful search feature ensures rapid file location, saving valuable time for engineers and designers. Also, quick access to files eliminates frustration, enabling teams to focus on design and innovation rather than navigating complex file structures.

Intuitive version control prevents confusion by ensuring that team members always work with the latest file versions. This helps to minimize the risk of errors caused by working on outdated files, ensuring design accuracy and product quality.

SOLIDWORKS PDM allows precise control over who accesses critical data and documents, bolstering data security. Additionally, it ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations by managing access permissions with granularity.

Centralized storage on the company server enhances organizational efficiency by providing a structured and indexed repository. Therefore, teams can collaborate seamlessly, accessing a centralized location for CAD models and diverse files, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Automated workflows in SOLIDWORKS PDM reduce manual interventions, streamlining approval processes and task assignments. Automation ensures consistent processes, reducing the likelihood of errors and promoting uniformity across projects.

SOLIDWORKS PDM goes beyond file management, offering comprehensive control over various data types, including CAD models and documentation. Users can adapt workflows and access controls to suit specific project requirements, providing a tailored and adaptable data management solution.

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