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Alfa Pumps and Systems

”We are very happy after installing SolidWorks, it is very user-friendly software from designing, generating 2d Drawing, assembly and Animation too. The backup team of Addonix Technologies always provided us timely and speedily technical support.”

Mr. Ramakant Tekade (CEO)

United Enterprises

“Our association with Addonix Technologies began in 2014. Since adopting SOLIDWORKS, our business has experienced significant positive impacts, streamlining our design processes. The consistent support of Addonix technical team and cutting-edge solutions have made our collaboration truly valuable. SOLIDWORKS has played a pivotal role in overcoming major challenges by providing robust tools for design and problem-solving. I wholeheartedly recommend SOLIDWORKS due to its exceptional features, reliability, and the continuous support provided by the Addonix team. It's not just a tool. it's a solution that has transformed our approach to design and engineering.”


Labultima Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd

SOLIDWORKS is very user-friendly and easy to learn Software. Addonix Support team is also very good.

Engineering Team

HIVER Aircon Private Limited

SolidWorks is providing us with great facilities, everything we do from designing new products, generating manufacturing drawings, working with assemblies and communicating with manufacturing people is lot simpler with SolidWorks. We are getting the technical support from Addonix is very good and faster, they always stand for solving our query or problems.

Ms. Deepika K. Arsekar (Design Engineer)

Zentech Enterprises

SOLIDWORKS is user friendly software for 3D designs, assembly of parts and part detailing and we get an excellent Support from Addonix Team.

Zamir Soudagar (CEO)

AMP Engineering Design Ventures LLP

"SolidWorks is easy to understand and user interface is really good. We can get the CFD results very fast using SolidWorks Simulation. Decisions on next CAD geometry modifications can be taken at faster rate. We are able to generate the reports automatically with photo-realistic rendered images. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is the best tool for CFD Engineers”.

Zamir Soudagar (CEO)

AGD Biomedicals Pvt. Ltd.

At AGD Biomedicals, we're committed to developing innovative medical solutions. SolidWorks has been a game-changer for our design team, allowing us to create complex prototypes with ease. But what truly sets SolidWorks apart is the exceptional support we receive from Addonix Technologies. Their team of experts is always available to answer our questions and provide valuable guidance, ensuring we get the most out of the software. Thanks to SolidWorks and Addonix Technologies for unparalleled support.

Mr. Harshad C. Mahadik (Design Engineer - R&D Department)

Dinrack Modular Systems

Huge thanks to Addonix Technologies for their top-notch SOLIDWORKS support. Their expertise keeps our projects running smoothly.

Mr. Prashant (Product Design Engineer)

Meltronics Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd.

It’s being 5 years since implementing SOLIDWORKS, we've experienced significant improvements in our product development process. The software's intuitive interface, powerful features, and wide range of tools have empowered our design team to Increase Productivity, Enhance Design Quality and Reduce Costs. We particularly appreciate the ongoing support we receive from Addonix Technologies.

Mr. Tushar Mayangade (Technical Director)

Potential Engineering

SolidWorks provides a comprehensive suite of tools that empower engineers and designers to bring their ideas to life with precision and efficiency. Moreover, the support offered by the Addonix Technologies team is unparalleled. From prompt responses to technical queries to comprehensive training resources, their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction. Their commitment to continuous improvement ensures that users stay ahead of the curve, maximizing productivity and innovation.

Mr. Sagar A. Pingle (Design Manager)

Commtel Networks

Our association with Addonix Technologies began in early 2022, and it has been a transformative journey for our business. Since integrating SOLIDWORKS into our workflow, we've seen remarkable improvements in our design processes. The efficiency and precision it offer have significantly reduced our time-to-market and enhanced our overall productivity. Addonix support & services are excellent. The main reason I recommend SOLIDWORKS and Addonix Technologies is their unparalleled support and the robust capabilities of the software. It's not just a tool; it's a solution that has driven our business forward.

Mr. Kartik Patel (SOLIDWORKS Expert)

Kruger Ventilation Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.

In the past almost two years with Addonix Technologies, since adopting 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, our design process has become significantly more straightforward. The user-friendly interface and reliable features effortlessly transform creative ideas into reality. The consistent support from Addonix technical team has made our workflow smoother. We recommend 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS due to its smart features, seamless collaboration capabilities, and its ability to reduce design cycle time. – Mr. Rahul Gangurde (Manager-Engineering Dept.)

Mr. Rahul Gangurde (Manager-Engineering Dept.)

Sharpline Group

Addonix has been a good partner and have helped us in our growth path by supporting us in a timely manner. Application engineer’s team helped us with all the configuration and set up we needed – it is a great to work with them.

From Sharpline Team

Jet Pack Machines Pvt. Ltd.

SOLID WORKS is a good software, user friendly. Good support by Addonix Technologies, no issue

Mr. Nithesh Shetty (Sr. Project Engineer)

Fluid Controls Private Limited

Fluid Controls® has over 40 years of experience in engineering connections for railways, nuclear and thermal power plants, defense systems, oil and gas segment, etc.  Solid Works has played a very crucial role in building great products basis our customer needs, exploring innovative designs for better performance and weight reduction. We did explore various manufacturing processes Continue Reading.

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari (Chief Operating Officer)

CPS Oil and Gas Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Using SOLID WORKS since last eight years, user‐friendly software introducing updated features enables quick design & development of products. With SOLID WORKS & SOLID WORKS Simulation CFD (Computation Flow Dynamics) analysis we have been able to develop high quality, reliable products for the oil and gas industry very efficiently.

Satyendra Katiyar- (Design Engineer)


Addonix Technologies is very Customer Supportive

Mr. Bhavin Patel (Purchase Manager)

Jet Pack Machines Pvt. Ltd.

SOLID WORKS is a good software, user friendly. Good support by Addonix Technologies, no issue

Mr. Nithesh Shetty (Sr. Project Engineer)


We are very satisfied with SOLID WORKS software and technical Support by Addonix Technologies Pvt Ltd. It has proved beneficiary in accelerating our product development cycle, production and satisfying customer’s dynamic requirements. We would like to recommend SOLID WORKS and Addonix Technologies to our friends in the industry.

Sachin Kadam (Design Engineer)

Eirich India Pvt. Ltd

SOLID WORKS is very user-friendly, easy to learn, easy to teach. Addonix Support is very good & faster. They always stands for solving our query/problems.

Mr. Satish Kudav (Sr. Manager-Engineering Products)

Newtronic Lifecare Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

SOLID WORKS is a good software we are able to cut down production and process time, production is much more efficient and wastage ratio has reduced. Addonix support & services are excellent. They have trained staff to educate and trained users

Mr. Jignesh (Director)

Expert Parking Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Everything we do from designing new products, generating manufacturing drawings, working with assemblies and communicating with manufacturing people everything is lot simpler with SOLID WORKS.

Nilesh Kurkute, (Technical Manager-Design & Development)

Veendeep Oiltek Export Pvt. Ltd.

SOLID WORKS allows us to achieve better design, productivity, shortens development cycle and reduces lead time.

Devdas Bhandari (Director)

Nilkamal Ltd.

SOLID WORKS is very user-friendly, Good Modeling & Adaptable. Good Association with Addonix, very active in SOLID WORKS Promotions.

Mr. Niral Khandhar, (Sr. Manager-Design)

JAP Engineering

Jap Engineering is very satisfied and happy with the collaboration and deliverable after implementing SOLID WORKS SOLUTIONS by Addonix Technologies Pvt Ltd. We would surely recommend this software to our friends in the industry.

Sunil Paul Nilayattingal (Director)

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