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Benefits of SOLIDWORKS
Connected to Cloud

Cloud Services is now an integral part of new SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD licenses, included as part of the subscription. For existing SOLIDWORKS users, this powerful extension is also available for a nominal fee, providing an affordable pathway to harness the benefits of cloud-driven collaboration.

Leverage the power of cloud technology to overcome the everyday challenges inherent in remote collaboration, secure storage, and access to 3D models. We understand the importance of seamless collaboration, and our cloud-based solution provides a robust platform for addressing these challenges head-on. Enjoy the freedom to securely share and collaborate on 3D models, ensuring that your team remains connected regardless of geographic locations. With cloud services you don’t have to be concern about rework, lost files, and friction in your design processes. Our primary objective is to empower you to channel your energy towards design and innovation, knowing that the infrastructure is in place to support your creative endeavors.

Share and Markup

Effortlessly share your 3D designs with anyone directly from SOLIDWORKS. No installations required, no need to send physical files. Share and Markup simplifies collaboration by enabling others to view and comment on your 3D models instantly. Accelerate your designs with immediate feedback from trusted colleagues, removing friction from the collaboration process.

Store and Revise

Embrace our purpose-built online storage hub designed with CAD relationships and collaboration in mind. Organize your data, manage references, and capture custom properties seamlessly. Save your data to the cloud directly from SOLIDWORKS. Collaborating with other designers? Check out designs to prevent overwrites. Say goodbye to managing references with imaginative file names. Built-in revision management allows you to create new revisions from SOLIDWORKS as you save, simplifying your workflow. When your design is complete, update its status to "Released" without the hassle of moving files to a network folder.

Manage and Control

For more complex management needs, Cloud Services provides a comprehensive suite of tools. Gain full access to manage data, navigate formal change actions and approvals, and keep project tasks in check. Capture required changes, secure approvals, and control your entire workflow through formal change actions. When it's time to release a design change, access a detailed history of approvals for a seamless process.


In the realm of modern design and engineering, SOLIDWORKS 3D stands as a cornerstone, empowering creators to bring their visions to life with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

SOLIDWORKS offers an intuitive user interface with easy-to-use tools and features, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users.

At the heart of SOLIDWORKS lies its robust 3D modeling capabilities. Our platform enables designers and engineers to sculpt intricate, true-to-life representations of their concepts. With SOLIDWORKS, your ideas take shape with unmatched precision and detail.

Innovation thrives on iteration. SOLIDWORKS' parametric modeling allows you to effortlessly tweak dimensions and features, adapting your design to meet evolving requirements. This flexibility ensures a fluid design process, saving time and resources.

Transform your designs into reality by seamlessly assembling complex components. SOLIDWORKS provides tools for precise assembly, interference detection, motion analysis, and the creation of exploded views, offering a comprehensive understanding of how your designs come together.

Avoid surprises during the production phase with SOLIDWORKS' simulation tools. Analyze the structural integrity and performance of your designs, identifying potential issues before they escalate. Our platform empowers you to create robust, reliable products.

Communication is key. SOLIDWORKS facilitates the creation of detailed 2D drawings and documentation directly from your 3D models. Ensure clarity in conveying design specifications and manufacturing instructions, streamlining collaboration with your team.

Connect design seamlessly with manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS supports various file formats crucial for manufacturing processes, fostering a smooth transition from the drawing board to the production floor.

Break down silos and enhance collaboration within your design team. SOLIDWORKS with cloud services easy sharing of models, fostering communication with stakeholders, clients, and manufacturers.

Join the league of leading innovators. SOLIDWORKS is not just a tool; it's an industry standard. Gain a competitive edge in aerospace, automotive, electronics, and consumer goods by leveraging a platform trusted by professionals worldwide.



Elevate your design and manufacturing capabilities with our robust 3D solution, designed to empower you at every stage of the process. Unleash your creativity with versatile features encompassing part design, assembly, and 2D drawing functionalities. Dive into specialized tools tailored for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, molds, product configuration, design analysis, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). As a bonus, CAM is seamlessly integrated, enhancing your production workflow, which is included with an active subscription.

SOLIDWORKS Professional

Experience a new level of design excellence with SOLIDWORKS Professional, an advanced solution that enhances the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Standard. Seamlessly integrate electrical and mechanical design with ECAD/MCAD collaboration, fostering a harmonious workflow. Benefit from automated cost estimation, streamlining the financial aspect of your projects. Conduct thorough design and drawing checks to guarantee precision and quality. Access a sophisticated components and parts library, providing a comprehensive resource for your projects. Immerse yourself in the world of advanced photorealistic rendering, bringing your designs to life with stunning visuals.


Take your design process to new heights with SOLIDWORKS Premium, an extension of SOLIDWORKS Professional that introduces a host of powerful features. It brings structural and motion analysis capabilities into your toolkit, empowering you to ensure robust performance and functionality. Unlock advanced surface flattening tools and seamlessly integrate electrical cable, wire harness and pipe routing functionality, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your projects.

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Ease of Use
Part and Assembly Modeling
2D Drawings
Design Reuse and Automation
Animation and Visualization
Interference Check
Collaborate and Share CAD Data
Basic Analysis Tools
Productivity Tools
Design for Manufacturing
Advanced Design for Manufacturing
CAD Libraries
Automatic Task Scheduling and Batch Processing
Design for Cost & Cost Estimation
ECAD/ MCAD Collaboration CircuitWorks ™
Advanced Photorealistic Rendering (Photoview 360)
CAD Standards Checking
Automated Tolerance StackUp Analysis(TolAnalyst)
SOLIDWORKS File Management
Reverse Engineering(ScanTo3D)
EDrawings® Professionals
Motion Analysis
Structural Part & Assembly Analysis
Routing of Pipes and Tubes
Routing of Electrical Cabling and Wiring Harnesses
Routing of Rectangular and Other Sections
Advance Surface Flattening
Assembly Level Cost Roll UP

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