Why Choose SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation seamlessly integrates with SOLIDWORKS CAD, providing a unified platform for design and analysis, reducing time spent on data transfer and ensuring a cohesive product development process.

Offering structural, thermal and motion analysis, SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides a versatile toolkit, empowering engineers to thoroughly assess product performance under various conditions.

With an intuitive interface, SOLIDWORKS Simulation caters to both seasoned analysts and design engineers, facilitating easy adoption and efficient utilization of its powerful simulation features.

With parametric optimization tools, SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables engineers to swiftly explore multiple design iterations. This facilitates quick adjustments and refinements, helping to achieve optimal product performance efficiently.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides reliable results by utilizing accurate material properties and offering validation tools. Engineers can cross-verify simulation results with physical test data, enhancing the credibility of the analysis and supporting confident decision-making in the design process.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams by providing a common platform for sharing design and analysis data. This fosters better communication and alignment throughout the product development process, leading to faster decision-making and improved outcomes.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Packages

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

This package is well-suited for users engaged in general structural analysis. It provides fundamental capabilities for linear static analysis, motion analysis and basic fatigue analysis. If your projects primarily involve these types of analyses and do not require more advanced simulation features, Simulation Standard may be a cost-effective choice.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

For those requiring more advanced structural analysis, including Design Optimization, Natural Frequency analysis, thermal analysis, and Buckling analysis, Simulation Professional is the recommended choice. This package builds upon the features of Simulation Standard, offering additional tools for simulating complex behaviors and scenarios. It is suitable for projects with a higher level of intricacy and analysis requirements.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium is the pinnacle solution for advanced structural analysis, offering engineers and designers a comprehensive toolkit. With features like non-linear analysis, Composites Material analysis, and vibration analysis, it enables a thorough examination of complex structural behaviors. This premium package goes beyond standard capabilities, providing the tools necessary for optimizing designs and ensuring peak structural performance. For projects requiring a high level of sophistication in structural simulations, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium is an invaluable asset

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Ease of Use/ Inttuitiveness
Finite Elements Analysis
Contacts and Connectors
Post Processing
Linear StaticSimulation for Assembly
Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation
Design Comparison Studies
Trend Tracker
Fatigue Simulation
Detecting Unconstrained Bodies
Equation Driven Results
Design Optimisation (based on Simulation data)
Advanced Contacts & Connectors
Event Based Motion Simulation
Frequency Simulation
Buckling or Simulation
Structured thermal simulation
Drop Test Simulation
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation
Submodelling Simulation
2D Simplification
Load Case Manager
Non Linear Simulation
Dynamic Simulation
Composites Components Simulation

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