Why to choose SOLIDWORKS Inspection?

The software automates the process of adding balloons to drawings, making it easier to identify and reference inspection points on a part.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection allows you to define inspection characteristics and tolerances directly on the drawing. This information is then used to generate inspection reports.

The tool can import inspection information from various file formats, including PDF and TDM (Test Data Management), reducing the need for manual data entry.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection automates the creation of inspection reports, saving time and ensuring consistency in documentation. It can generate reports in standard formats such as AS9102, PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), and various custom templates.

As part of the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem, SOLIDWORKS Inspection seamlessly integrates with SOLIDWORKS drawings, making it easy to transfer information between the two applications. The software supports multiple languages, which can be beneficial for companies operating globally.

Users can create and customize inspection report templates to meet specific industry or company requirements. Generated inspection reports can be exported to different file formats, including PDF and Excel, for easy sharing and documentation.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Packages

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standard

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standard is tailored to streamline ballooning and drawing recognition processes, automating the addition of balloons to drawings for efficient identification and referencing of inspection points. Users can define inspection characteristics and tolerances directly on drawings, simplifying the capture and organization of inspection data. With export capabilities to formats like PDF and Excel, inspection reports can be easily shared and documented. Moreover, its integration with SOLIDWORKS drawings ensures seamless information transfer between the two applications, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional

In addition to the features offered by SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standard, the Professional version provides extended capabilities such as data import options from various file formats like PDF and TDM, catering to users dealing with diverse data sources. This version enhances efficiency through automatic report generation, offering standard formats like AS9102 and PPAP, as well as custom templates, saving time and ensuring consistency in documentation. With support for multiple languages, users can create inspection reports in different languages, ideal for companies with global operations. The Professional version also offers customizable templates, allowing users to tailor inspection reports to specific industry or company requirements, thus providing flexibility in report generation. Furthermore, as a Professional version, it benefits from ongoing development and support from Dassault Systèmes, potentially granting users access to updates, new features, and a reliable support network, ensuring a robust and evolving solution.

Need a detailed comparison between these offers?

Improved and Streamlined Inspection Workflows
PDF/TIFF File Support
DXF/DWG File Support
Optical Character Recognition
Automatic Ballooning
Customize Inspection Reports
Ballooned Drawing Appearance
PDF Drawing Comparison and 2D/3D Revision Management
Quality Sampling Plans
Quality Systems Integration
File Management
Inspection Reports
SOLIDWORKS Drawing File Support
SOLIDWORKS Part/Assembly File Support
2D/3D CAD File Support
Inspection Measurements
Graphical Pass/Fail Status

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