Design Reuse Through SOLIWORKS PDM Professional

November 12, 2021 addonix Comments Off

Find the right data quickly and easily.

To shorten design development time, you first have to check it whether the similar or nearby design exists or not? Can I use particular type legacy data in my new project?

You need to know which design has similar characteristics to your needs and if you have the right revision? How to account for all of the references, associations, and interrelationships between parts, assemblies, drawings, bills of materials, documentation, and manufacturing information.

To get above information If you are dependent on part numbers and file names then you might have to wait a long, agonizing search, adding unnecessary overhead to the process. And even after that you can’t get to the right information.

With SolidWorks PDM Professional, you can utilize powerful search capabilities to quickly find the files you need and take advantage of design reuse.

With the help of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional powerful search tool you can track data by custom properties rather than part numbers or file names. While configuring PDM professional we can create our own variable/Custom properties which can be useful for data search. Thus design reuse become much more easy and faster.

Let’s see different options available inside Search tool.

  1. We can search the data by any of the properties like material, who created, time when it is created, vendor, type of file etc. (Refer image below)

2. We can also search the data as per the approval state, whether it is approved or in progress.

3. We can also see the user working on different files. From here very easily we can track the progress and check user working state.

This powerful search tool not only give file information but also show all product related information in a single window eliminating the need to navigate through a complex maze of separate windows. We can eave customize the user interface to meet the needs of individual user departments.

SolidWorks PDM Professional powerful search tool gives you all necessary file information along with its references and graphical preview facilitates and easy result exporting option.

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