Benefits of Going with SOLIDWORKS

February 2, 2022 addonix Comments Off
  1. SOLIDWORKS is much easier to understand, much easy to implement and do business with.
  2. Comparatively CREO learning SOLIDWORKS is much easier, we can get training for SOLIDWORKS from multiple platforms.
  3. The vast SOLIDWORKS community provides many trained users in the marketplace as compared to CREO, we can easily find resources for SOLIDWORKS
  4. SOLIDWORKS Reseller support gives a best support from Certified Technical person, training facilities, software release and many more.
  5. SOLIDWORKS comes up with PDM standard as a free tool which can be helpful for basic level of data management. Very easily and with low cost we can upgraded to professional version of SOLIDWORKS PDM and implement it within organization. 
  6. SOLIDWORKS is delivering and over the next year too it will be continuing the delivery of set of complimentary, next generation tools that take advantage of emerging technology and solve user’s engineering and design challenges.
  7. Recently SOLIDWORKS have invested lot of in performance and software stability. So with new generation SOLIDWORKS we can easily work with large assembly without compromising the performance. 
  8. Every year SOLIDWORKS adds new features to streamline design development process
  9. SOLIDWORKS has had direct modeling tools for many releases. Tools like Instant 3D, move face, replace face, delete face allow users to rapidly modify geometry whether native or imported.
  10. FEATUREWORKS allows user to automatically convert NON-SOLIDWORKS CAD data into editable geometry that allows changes to be made easily.
  11. SOLIDWORKS STANDARD the basic offering from SOLIDWORKS will have tools for creating welded structures, mold design, top down assembly design or advanced surfacing etc. which in case of CREO need to buy with extra cost.
  12. SOLIDWORKS gives a leverage to go with either Perpetual License or Term License, wherein CREO only offers Term Based License. 
  13. SOLIDWORKS offers platforms like MYSOLIDWORKS for users to learn things on their own as well it offers CERTIFICATION PROGRAM for users. 
  14. The SolidWorks Solution Partner Network provides countless tools for specialized tasks. Solution Partners go through a stringent certification process to determine their level of integration. Gold Partners are the premier solution products available for SOLIDWORKS. 
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