3D Printing is essential tool

3D Printing is essential tool for every Professional Designer

April 16, 2018 addonix Comments Off

3D printing is one of the most modern things developing in the tech world, and people are using it to get their designs to live in field of entertainment, art, work, education, medical, automation, electrical and more.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. It validates to produce complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods.

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How 3D Printing is beneficial for Today’s tech world:

1. Rapid Prototyping– The 3D Printing is mostly popular for rapid prototyping.  While designing and then 3D printing at our own premises, a lot of time and money is saved instead of outsourcing. By 3D printing, the designers can identify issues in their design, fixed them and re-printing. Or printing many different variations in parallel and then comparing them to determine which one works better.

2. Education– 3D printing is very popular in education, as there is a high demand for those with 3D printing and CAD skills, educators are preparing the workforce to have the skills they will need in the future.

3. Dentistry– Dental labs are also using the 3D impressions to create perfect fitting crowns, bridges and implants. It saves the labour time, reduces errors and saves money.

The following are the advantages of 3D printing which allows designers to make better decisions when selecting a manufacturing process and enables them to deliver an optimal product:

  1. Speed- It is one of the main advantages of additive manufacture where the parts can be produced speedily as compared to traditional manufacturing methods. In few hours, the complex designs are uploaded from a CAD model and printed. The rapid verification and development of design ideas are the best advantages of it.
  2. Single step manufacture- One of the biggest concerns for a designer is how to manufacture a part as efficiently as possible. Most parts require a large number of manufacturing steps to be produce by traditional technologies. The order these steps occur affects the quality and manufacturability of the design.
  3. Cost- It gives freedom from manufacture costs which include: machine operation costs, material cost and labour costs.
  4. Risk mitigation- 3D Printing helps in verifying the design quickly before investing in an expensive manufacturing process. This helps the designer to build confidence in his own design and increase his chances to succeed, it saves huge money and time before investing in mass production.
  5. Complexity and design freedom- It gives designers a large amount of design freedom and helps in an easy creation of very complex geometries.
  6. Customization- It allows a complete customization of designs. It enables designers to customize or make changes in design to meet customer’s specific needs and wants while rationalizing time and money.

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