Changing File Locations for various Categories in SOLIDWORKS

Changing File Locations for various Categories in SOLIDWORKS

May 20, 2020 addonix Comments Off
  • In this document, please find the step-by-step procedure to change the file locations for various categories in SOLIDWORKS
  • This can be very useful when you have created certain specific folders for Templates, Weldment profiles, Library part etc
  • The user can also have multiple file locations for a certain category which again provided greater flexibility.
  • Please follow the steps below

1. After opening SOLIDWORKS home window click on system options and highlighted below:

2. In the system options dialogue box select “File Locations” option

3. Click on the desired category from the drop-down menu of the File Locations

4. Select the specified path for the category you selected earlier for e.g. Default Templates

5. Once the file location is specified the user can change their sequence in the Dialogue box by either ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’.

6. The same process can be followed for all other categories.

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