Inventory management system?

Why should you change your current Inventory management system?

January 15, 2020 addonix Comments Off

How annoying is it for you to keep a manual track of your company’s inventory?

Is the manual stock checking a massive time consuming process for you?

Are you facing duplicate inventory just because you couldn’t find the actual one in the first go?

Is your company facing heavy loss due to improper inventory management?

Having issue keeping count of the unused products?

I hereby provide you one solution for all your problems, introducing Autocriban Inventory Vending Solution.

Autocrib is American company based out of California, with its heart lying in its software and the hardware performing like its support system. I understand there is a question which is “Why should we change our current system and opt for a new system? Let me explain you exactly what can Autocrib unit can do!

  • For starters the Autocrib Software can be synced your current ERP/SAP system and works together with it.
  • Provides 200 types of sample reports which gives out various details on which product is being used maximum, who has used the product, when was the product used, was it returned on time, was the product that was used returned undamaged etc.
  • 24X7 availability with accountability for the employee transactions.
  • Increase use of re – grinds and reconditioned items.
  • Helps control employee and department spending
  • Access control by item, department, employee, job, machine etc. for complete inventory control.
  • Lot control and FOD Control.
  • Reclaims floor space.
  • Manage gauge use.
  • Doesn’t require repacking.
  • The employees have to use their own existing employee badge for withdrawal and deposit of items.  
  • Flexibility to dispense a wide – variety of items types and thousands of SKU’s

These are some of the points that have just come my mind when I think about why one should use Autocrib, there are many more points that could be discussed about the same.

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